Local Government Commission decision to assess Waiheke Unitary Council application

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Auckland Central MP Nikki Kaye has this afternoon commented on the Local Government Commission decision to assess an application by “Our Waiheke” for a Unitary Council for Waiheke.

“I do think it is important for people to understand the process and that the Commission has only agreed at this point to assess the application and there are several more steps. Further steps include determining the area affected by the application and assessing whether there is evidence of community support, says Ms Kaye.

“Only if it passed these steps would there be public notification of the application, including a call for alternative applications.

“From my perspective it is important to acknowledge that Waiheke has had a long history of moves by some members of the community to shift away from Auckland. Following a petition to separate from Auckland City Council a referendum was held in 1991. This vote failed and Waiheke remained part of Auckland City.

“Additionally, in 2008 the Royal Commission received a number of submissions opposing Waiheke being part of the proposed Auckland Council. This did not occur but the separate 5-member Local Board was established.

“I am a bit worried that this is going to be a polarising issue for Islanders. I know there is some support but there are also a number of people opposed.

“My concern is that potentially some people’s dissatisfaction with the existing council and rates is driving some of this petition. I think it will be important to separate electoral and governance issues to the management of the council.

“At this point I do have real concerns about the ability of another entity to fund Waiheke’s infrastructure requirements, given the number of residents now living on Waiheke and the huge number of tourists visiting the island. I will be listening and seeking the community’s views on the application over the coming months.”


Better investment in strategy for cameras and lighting needed for Central Auckland

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Following several recent incidents in Central Auckland, Hon Nikki Kaye, MP for Auckland Central, facilitated a meeting today with representatives from the Local Board, New Zealand Police, Auckland Transport, Auckland Council staff, Auckland University Students Association and the New Zealand Chinese Students Association.

“This meeting was to discuss ways that we can make Central Auckland safer, says Ms Kaye.

“There was a good discussion between everyone who attended, and we have agreed on a way forward.

“Since the incidents, some people have made comments regarding police numbers. I understand there has been an increase in police numbers and general police resourcing in both the wider Auckland City and Central areas, and this was confirmed today.

“From our discussions, it was agreed that a report will be commissioned by the Local Board, focusing on additional investment in other solutions, including cameras and lighting in Albert Park.

“The Board will work with the Police, Auckland Transport and the Student Associations. They will then present a report to Council for consideration.

“The engagement of students in this issue has been positive, and I congratulate them for taking the initiative to secure better safety resources for students and others in Auckland.

“I have committed to ongoing work with the Student Associations, especially on the safety information provided to international students, and other support available to them. We will also work with Auckland Transport to ensure that transport connections in the central city are a safety focus.

“I am aware that there will be an event tonight in Albert Park. It will be positive that this update can then be given to students. At the meeting we did have an update from the Local Board and Council where they confirmed that investment in Albert Park has happened over the last few years.

“I’m pleased that we’re making progress, and I look forward to working with all groups involved on this issue.”