Recorded crime continues to drop in Auckland central

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The latest police crime statistics for 2013 show recorded crime dropped 21 per cent in the Auckland central police area says Nikki Kaye, MP for Auckland Central.

Nationally, recorded crime is down 20.2 per cent.  Locally, in Auckland central, burglary and break and enter crime is down 23 per cent, and drug offences down 28.7 per cent.

“Last year’s results reflect the hard work of our local Police, with a large increase on 2012’s results – when recorded crime dropped by 3.8 per cent” says Nikki Kaye.

“This is great news for our local community, and reflects our commitment to preventing and tackling crime.

“A 189 per cent increase in Police foot patrols over two years across the Auckland City police district, Neighbourhood Policing Teams, and the 58,000 additional frontline hours for our district’s officers delivered by the use of smartphones and tablets, is contributing to our falling crime rate.”

“National has worked hard to ensure our frontline Police are able to spend more time on the streets preventing crime and building safer communities, and we will continue to do so.

“The Auckland central CBD staff have been working hard to reduce crime. This includes providing Crime Prevention Advice through a number of institutions, including Unisafe (Auckland Uni), AUT, and some key public and commercial locations including Auckland Library and some food proprietors. This is making a difference locally.

“I have met with local Police staff and community groups on a number of occasions in recent years, and I am aware of the improved responsiveness by Police to a number of community groups and their issues.

“Delivering better public services for New Zealand families is one of our priorities, and we are well on our way to reaching our targets to reduce crime, meaning 45,000 fewer crimes in our communities every year from 2017”.

Police foot patrols in Auckland City up by 189%

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There were more than 10,300 police foot patrols in the Auckland City Police District in 2013 – up from 3,580 in 2011.

Police are continuing to increase their focus on crime prevention.  Part of their approach to building safer communities means using police resources better, so police can spend less time behind a desk, and more time out in their neighbourhoods.

All frontline officers now have smartphones, and most have tablets, which gives them an extra 30 minutes a shift out in their communities to focus on preventing crime.

Our local Police do a fantastic job and it’s great to see more of them out and about in Auckland Central.

Delivering better public services is one of National’s four priorities, and  Police are well on track to meet our Better Public Service targets of reducing the crime rate by 15 per cent, and the reoffending rate by 25 per cent by 2017.

The Prevention First Strategy, Neighbourhood Policing Teams, and the huge increase in foot patrols are showing results – recorded crime is at the lowest level in 33 years.